Friday 8th November 2013, eight o’clock. We are standing in front of the red door of the National Theatre of Luxembourg. Many young people are already standing inside and waiting for the play to start. Andreas Wagner, dramatist, gives us a short glimpse behind the curtains before the act starts. We are being introduced to the world of this new Faust, written by Tomo Mirko Pavlovic.

First of all, there is not only one Faust. There are actually four; three younger versions, reflecting the memories of an old Faust looking back on his life. The play’s fragmentation makes it difficult for the audience to understand and follow the story. So is the fact that it is no linear act and that it is played in seven different languages (English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Swiss-German,Bulgarian and Rumanian).  But the actors as well as Andreas himself took the time after the show to explain to us the details. They also told us about the difficulty of working together with people speaking different  languages and coming from different of them, learning a bit of other cultures and to communicate even without a common language.

Caroline, Cassie & Delphine