33. a) TheFaultInOurStars

The Fault in Our Stars is a book written by John Green and it tells the story of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. The story is being told from the perspective of 16 year-old Hazel. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung-cancer at the age of 13 and she now has to take an oxygen tank with her wherever she goes or else she can’t breathe.

You definitely should not expect a typical (sad) love story, where cancer girl meets boy, falls in love, and dies of cancer. Hazel is an intriguing girl with a sharp tongue and a lot of wits. She has been depressed and secluded ever since she knew about the cancer, but through her encounter with Augustus, her life dramatically changed and she started to live her life as a normal girl once more.

Of course the life around cancer with all it’s limitations plays a great part in this story, but it is not just about that. What really moves the story is the growth of the characters.

The story is beautifully written and every detail – be it as small as their little adventure with an old swing set or their trip to amsterdam – is heartwarming and hilarious. This bittersweet story will conquer your heart really fast, so be wary of it’s sadness.

And for people who have already read the book, you should be looking forward to the movie!