On 13th July, we were very lucky to meet with international soul artist Joss Stone, before she played her concert at the Neumünster Abbey. Having started her career at an early age, the now 27-year old singer is probably best known for her extraordinary voice and songs like “You Had Me” and “Super Duper Love”.

Joss Stone discussing with our team at the SLAM! headquarters!

Joss Stone discussing with our team at the SLAM! headquarters located at the CIJ!

For her Total World Tour, which began on 29th March in Morocco, she managed to squeeze in Luxembourg. In the coming months, Joss intends to play a gig in every country in the world. But that is not the only reason why she’s making this tour. She is also very interested in social projects and wants to meet local musicians.

So luckily, our team had been chosen as one of the voluntary projects that she wanted to meet in Luxembourg. She arrived at the offices of the Youth Information Centre (CIJ) shortly after midday. After greeting everyone, we sat together and introduced our newspaper to her. She was very interested and had many questions about the project. Joss also asked us why we wanted to be a part of the SLAM! team, and each member of our team had the chance to introduce themselves and to talk a little bit about their own ideas and articles.

Joss Stone testing bisi's knowledge and aptitude to counsel a young person.

Joss Stone testing bisi’s knowledge and aptitude to counsel a young person.

Afterwards, we showed her the Centre, where young people come in and ask for information. She seemed intrigued by everything the CIJ has to offer young people, so she spontaneoulsy decided to test it, and pretended to be a young adolescent with several severe problems (such as glue sniffing), who is now looking for help.

bisi, who assumed the role of the counsellor, had a hard time responding to all potential complications, but in the end, their conversation not only convinced her of the importance of such centres, but also turned out to be a very funny experience for everyone present!

But this was not the end of her journey; she had also picked another local voluntary project to visit: The Dudelange on Wheels festival (DOW). This festival is a mix between several music acts and skate competitions and is open for people of every age. Joss met a few volunteers with whom she spoke about their project and experiences as a volunteer. Furthermore, she improved her skate skills and enjoyed the skate competition and other attractions.

Joss Stone wasn't scared at all, thanks to Marc Lazzarini of Dudelange on Wheels

Joss Stone wasn’t scared at all, thanks to Marc Lazzarini of Dudelange on Wheels

We took the opportunity to ask her a few questions at the DOW Festival. We wanted to know which impression she had of Luxembourg. She said that, considering the short period of time she’s been in Luxembourg, she thinks that it is a nice and lovely place, quite romantic really, and that she wants to visit it again! With her boyfriend.

After asking about SLAM!, Joss replied that it was a very nice idea. She likes the fact that the newspaper is written by young people for young people. Also that this gives them a chance to write about whatever they want. Finally, she also liked that It is a chance for young people to become more critical about what they read and see in the media.

Later that day, in the evening, Joss Stone had her concert at the Neumünster Abbey where she played old and new songs. Despite of the rain that day, her fans got quite carried away by her music. The backdrop and the lights created a fantastic atmosphere and a nice ending to a beautiful day.

Thierry, Laura