SmooJo is a frozen yoghurt bar in Luxembourg-city (60 Grand-Rue). Smoojo offers frozen yoghurts to which you can add different toppings like fruits, oreos, marshmallows, and so much more. In addition, they offer coffee and tea, as well as other drinks. They also have donuts, pastries, muffins, etc on offer. SmooJo has a huge choice, so rest assured, they have something for everybody.

SmooJo’s modern design makes you feel comfortable – it’s a good place to spend time at. They offer free Wifi as well 😉


Visit the SmooJo in Luxembourg-city.

Visit the SmooJo in Luxembourg-city.


We had an interview with Sascha, the owner of SmooJo, who told us, that he came up with the idea to open a frozen yoghurt bar, after his several trips to America. In the US, they have a frozen yoghurt bar on each street corner, but so far, this new type of bar didn’t exist in Luxembourg. So he decided to open one in the city.

At the beginning, it was (and still is) hard to explain to people what frozen yoghurt is. But for a while now, people have started to tell each other what it is, and it is becoming more and more popular.

SmooJo always makes sure to work with students. SmooJo is also already opening a new shop in Esch, in the Brill street.

As the summer break is approaching, we would like to “warmly” recommend you take a break, pay SmooJo a visit and try a frozen yoghurt! Maybe you’ll even bump into one of us!


Jim, Pit, Annie