An international award for a young, fighting woman

Worldwide the Zonta Clubs yearly submit ten awards for special engagements in diverse areas to young woman aged between 16 and 19. For the third time in only eight years, a Luxembourgish student has been awarded one of these prizes. Carlotta Hoss is 18 years old, attends the 1D at the Aline Mayrisch secondary school and has many things to report.

On Thursday, 16th October 2014, a big ceremony was held for the young girl. It was a very special day for her because she was going to be awarded the Young Women in Public Affairs Award from Zonta International, an organization fighting for women’s rights.

After the headmaster of the Lycée Aline Mayrisch had held his speech about the importance of courageous, self-confident girls, it was Kerstin Wagner, the coordinator of the YWPA-prize, who told the audience about the Zonta’s history and aim: “Our main project is to improve women’s lives all over the world with national and international projects. Members of our clubs all have the same interests: we want gender equality and we want women to believe in themselves. We really want to help them to stand up for their rights.”

This explains Zonta’s daily quest for self-assured girls who are involved in volunteering. Therefore Zonta yearly launches the YWPA-contest. One of this year’s prizes went to Carlotta Hoss. Besides her good performances at school, she is also involved in a lot of other different areas. She is not only a very good student, but she has also a long list of commitments in very different areas. Indeed she has been part of the European Youth Parliament as a delegate of the Committee of Gender Equality. Furthermore, she is represented in the Global Issues Network, a worldwide web page of teenagers who discuss about international problems and try to find solutions.

Carolotta Hoss (3rd from left).

Carolotta Hoss (3rd from left).

“This award is really important for me. It is definitely very special and I think it will really help me in the future for every time I’ll have to send my CV somewhere!” says Carlotta with pride.

Nevertheless, the prize is not only very important for Carlotta, but also for the Zonta Club Luxembourg, as Kerstin Wagner explains: “For us, the fact that Carlotta was awarded this very important prize shows, that we have done good work in the last years and that there are Luxembourgish girls who can compete on international level. It’s definitely a joy to see that there are young girls who care about other people and fight for their rights!”

If you want to find out more about the Zonta Organization and the YWPA-Award, have a look at the next SLAM! Edition that will appear on 10th November!