With a Focus on Social Media

SLAM!-12_Cover-page-001Social media has become a part of our everyday life. We use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, Snapchat to send pictures and YouTube for daily entertainment and distraction. But social media also generates new jobs and possibilities like Crowdfunding or earning money through YouTube Videos. How do YouTube Stars make money? The answer in the new SLAM!. But once you are famous on social media, you can lose yourself, just like in the case of Essena O’Neill. She quit Instagram and Co. and is now blogging about it. Our current focus covers these and other topics around social media.

As always SLAM! offers a lot of other themes among it’s different sections. Read more about the running project OUNI or learn more about the U.S. election system and about this year’s presidential candidate Donald Trump. By checking our cultural calendar you can plan your weekends until June. If however you plan to spend your weekends outside of Luxembourg read more about Airbnb, our App of the month, and book your next stay abroad.

As always you will find the SLAM! at your school, our Youth house, all Quick restaurants, at the University of Luxembourg and lots of other places. You also have the possibility to subscribe to the SLAM! via cartejeunes.lu or read it online via slam.lu/pdf

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